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Check out Neighborhood Theatre before it's too late

Neighborhood Theatre from 36th St.
Neighborhood Theatre from 36th St.
Neighborhood Theatre's official site

As Allie Smolan pointed out in her article yesterday, Charlotte might soon be losing one of its most beloved venues, the Neighborhood Theatre.  If you have ever been to a show there, you know what sad news this is.  The haven for local and national acts alike is a favorite in the Charlotte music scene, even topping Smolan's list of the best venues in town.  It boasts sound quality rivaled only by The Fillmore among Queen City clubs and a welcoming atmosphere unparalleled in venues its size.  And nestled in the heart of NoDa, surrounded by cozy restaurants and fun bars, it couldn't be in a better location.

But unfortunately, as reported in the Charlotte Observer, Neighborhood Theatre will be forced to close its doors if the current owners cannot find a new buyer.  So, Charlotte is faced with the disheartening possibility of a 36th Street not lit up by the Theatre's classic, iconic marquee.

There are still plenty of chances to experience Neighborhood Theatre in its full glory, though.  Even if you're on a budget, the venue is hosting a free music night featuring The Mantras this Friday, January 15th.  The next night, the Last Band Standing competition hits the stage, showcasing some of Charlotte's up and coming bands trying to claim the title of "Best Band in the Southeast" and win a record deal and a European tour. 

If you've been to Neighborhood countless times, you undoubtedly don't want to miss the chance to see a show there one more time.  And if you've never been there, it's definitely worth checking out before it's too late.  In fact, it's almost a requirement for local music fans.  The online events calender is booked up through the middle of March, so find a show or two that fit your tastes and support the venue, in case the potential closing comes to fruition.