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Check list for what your Kindergartener should know

Classroom rules
Classroom rules
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The Common Core State Standards system is controversial nonetheless, after noting is objectives, parents question the quality of the children’s education. Brooklyn as well as parents statewide would like benchmarks for their child’s education.

Below are benchmarks for parents with kindergarteners. It is now mid-semester and the below benchmarks should be mastered at this time.

Rules: At the first day of school teachers begin enforcing classroom rules and expectations. On the classroom wall there usually is a chart indicating rules and awards. Your kindergartener should be able to tell you his or her teacher’s rules.

Using tools: By know your kindergartner should be able to cut out different shapes without injuring himself. He can know grip pencils, crayons and utilize paper correctly.

No more crying: On the way, during or after school your kindergartner should be comfortable with being separated from you. Most of the time the separation is replaced with association. Hence, there are times when your child will call his or her teacher “mommy”. There is no need to panic it is just a coping mechanism.

Cooperation: Teachers, at the beginning of the semester, work diligently to teach their students about cooperating with each other. Students learn to: take turns, share, stand quietly, and follow directions.

These are the initial “most knows” for five or six year olds. If they have yet to learn these, schedule a parent teacher conference and consult with your child’s teacher to uncover the next course of action.

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