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Check into the Haunting of Cellblock 11

This new thriller will captivate your mind!
This new thriller will captivate your mind!
Courtesy of Haunting of Cellblock 11

There is a brand new paranormal thriller available on 'Video On Demand' called, “Haunting of Cellblock 11.” It is all about a group of TV ghost hunters that get in a little over their heads when they are invited to investigate a haunted prison.

The film was shot at the infamously haunted Missouri State Penitentiary, also known as, the Bloodiest 47 Acres. The movie has been a special project for the film team, and they are proud to say that many people in the paranormal field have appreciated the portrayal of the ghost hunters in the film. It's a subject loved by ghost hunting fans, and those who have spent the night or investigated in haunted places.

Ghost hunting is a popular field of interest, and although the storyline had to fictionalize things for the movie, it is made with reverence for the paranormal field. The film was shot as a traditional narrative feature with Linara Washington (“Killing Them Softly”), Charley Koontz (“Community”), and Dee Wallace (“Cujo”, “The Howling”, “E.T”.).

Writer/director Andrew P. Jones stated, “Getting an indie movie made and distributed is about as hard as capturing paranormal activity on camera. Marketing it and finding an audience is even harder! I'm appealing to you directly to please rent the film, and pass this on to each and all of your team members and encourage them to rent the film as well. Without the big studio budgets for marketing... it comes down to social media and direct appeals to folks like you. For the price of a tall latte, you can rent it and hopefully have a really enjoyable movie night! Because the filmmakers are generally last in line to see any recoupment from indie films, the truth is I need about 100k rentals to just break even... so, you're really important to the effort. Your team members are really important. Above all else, I think you'll really enjoy the film that won "Best Horror Film" at the 2013 Boston Terror 'Thon, and that radio personality, Sheena Metal from LA Talk Radio's Haunted Playground called "her new favorite paranormal film." We hope you too will support us!”

All the VOD venues can be found at, (it's on Cox, Cablevison, Charter, Mediacom, Suddenlink, FiOS, U-Verse, Xbox, Playstation, vudu, iTunes, Google play, YouTube and more).

You can like them on FB at Or, you can follow them on Twitter at @Cellblock11 or @AndrewPageJones.

I think the movie will hold you as part of a captive audience.

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