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ChebaHut "pot themed" restaurant serving great munchies in Colorado

Your killer munchies paradise
Your killer munchies paradise
Cheba Hut

Upon entering a ChebaHut restaurant for the first time, it won’t take long before you realize your immersed in a pot themed paradise that rivals anything that Disney could have dreamed of.

A glance at the signage upon entering would have yielded a few clues. The subtitle under CheBA HUT reads “Toasted Subs”, with a picture of a grass hut with a veritable smoke stack that’s just puffing away. The palm trees, upon closer inspection, have funny leaves.

Each location has different artwork, signage and posters inside that is ever changing. The Ft. Collins East store currently has a flowing mural on its longest wall. The scenery is typically a beach or jungle setting with both subliminal and direct marijuana references. This one has a small, randomly placed flying saucer with two bug-eyed aliens doing bongs.

So, how does someone come up with a theme like this?

Here’s what they say at the hut;  "Cheba Hut Toasted Subs was founded in 1998 by Scott Jennings. Scott opened the first store near the campus of Arizona State University where he attended college. As a delivery driver, Scott noticed a severely underserved market for late night deliveries. Food that was delivered on campus usually lacked in quality. He also noticed that on most of his late night deliveries, his customers were…um…inhaling! Scott put two and two together and developed the Cheba Hut “Toasted” Subs concept. Today, Scott leads the ever growing franchise community as President and CEO."

Of course the menu is the highlight of Cheba, with sandwich sizes ranging from the (4”) Nug, (6”) Pinner and (12”) Blunt, salads and specialty chicken items.

You may choose anything from the Humbolt (guacamole & Veggie) to the White Widow a chicken breast sandwich smothered in their home-grown ranch dressing, topped with mushrooms, bacon and provolone. No matter what you choose, it’s guaranteed to be grub.

In Ft Collins Cheba received 08 publishers pick, 08 Taste of Ft Collins-best vegetarian option and 09 Best of the City Awards. You may choose locations in Colorado from Ft. Collins, Boulder, Greeley and in downtown Denver on Champa. Other states have Chebas too; six in Arizona, Two in New Mexico and two in Oregon.

Live music and twelve micro brews on tap make this a very cool chill spot for evenings. A variety of seating, from booths, tall tables with stools and bar seating keeps everything cozy.

As you leave, the 'public service announcement' poster sums things up well “Marijuana – because your friends just aren’t that funny.”

This restaurant gets 5 stars from the Denver Medical Marijuana examiner.

Check out their website. They have one of the best franchise deals going. No marijuana in any products.


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