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Cheating in Kansas City

Kansas City
Kansas City
Photo by Emily Kirkendoll

Viewers all over Kansas City tuned in this morning for Tiger Woods' live speech addressing his infidelity. In his speech he took full responsibility for his actions and also acknowledged his earnest desire to change, including his first steps of 45 days in therapy. Although the nature of the therapy was undisclosed, Woods did indicate he would be returning to it for further self improvement.

High profile celebrities and average Joes alike commit acts of infidelity every day. The question on my mind is, when is "I'm sorry" not enough?  Many times those caught cheating are indeed truly sorry.  They're sorry for the embarrassment and the hurt but mostly they're sorry they got caught. Kansas City has so many great places to go out to, lots of which are less known pubs and eateries cheating could be made simple. With multiple trendy hot spots like Westport or Waldo, juggling lovers wouldn't be much of a circus act at all.  Infact, as long as you didn't mix and match your date's zip codes, you're pretty well safe.  

Everyone has heard the phrase, if you're not happy leave.   But what if you are happy in the relationship you're in and cheating is still appealing to you?  It will ultimately come down to the individual but some top reasons are more obvious than you'd think.  1. Cheating because it's exciting.  A new lover, a new first kiss, a secret you're keeping from those closest to you.  The thrill may be unlike any other but when the high ends, the crash is going to be ugly.   2. Cheating due to low self-esteem.  If you don't feel good about yourself, you may look for comfort in the physical with another person.  The problem with this circumstance is, it's a vicious cycle.  You never have a healthy relationship because you cheat, you cheat because you hurt on the inside and replace your own faults with the affections of another person.   Until you do what it takes to be happy on your own, you will never have happiness with another person.  3. Cheating out of loneliness.  Bad relationships can often lead to infidelity for the simple fact that either party involved is no longer happy.  While pulling the band-aid off of your current relationship may sting for awhile, it's better than dragging it on. Being unfaithful to fill a void in a relationship you're already in will only leave all those involved worse off. It's best to break up with dignity intact.

Finally, if you're cheating. Stop. Figure out what is really going on in your life that is making this habit so attractive. If it's simply that you enjoy the thrill, be fair to those lovers that you're juggling.  Dropping the ball may be worse for you than being in open relationships.  Also, it's only an open relationship if all those involved agree to it. Otherwise, call it what you will, it's still cheating.   If you caught someone cheating, is sorry enough?  Sometimes not fighting to keep a long over due break up from happening is the best thing for you.  History repeats itself, so go into your next relationship emotionally healthy or you may find a nasty pattern in your love life.

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