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Cheating and dating: Definitions confuse men and women, says research

Based on new research, love and marriage in the traditional sense may be taking a hit since people are confused about cheating and dating. If you think you know what it means to be unfaithful, see how your definition stacks up with National Science Foundation funded research and the new survey reported by the Huffington Post, Jan. 21, 2014: What Is Cheating? New Survey Reveals How Men And Women Define Infidelity. And you are not alone if you are uncertain as to whether you are dating or “hooking up” as TIME reported on Jan. 21, 2014: We're All Going to Be Single Forever Because No One Knows When They're On a Date.

Did hot kisses, called infidelity, end this happy relationship?
Kevin Winter/ Getty Images

A newly commissioned study by and has found that people are confused over the definitions of cheating and dating. According to the online poll, some 2,647 singles between the ages of 18 and 59 were queried and 69 percent were unsure as to what constitutes a date. And in the world of infidelity even kissing came under scrutiny.

Infidelity is not always a deal breaker

Perhaps what confuses people is how infidelity is defined. However, as the new research reported today shows, infidelity is not always the end of a relationship, but can also be a new beginning. The Huff Post pointed out that "that infidelity, at least early on in a relationship, is not a dealbreaker for many people."

Infidelity and Marriage - Deal Breaker or Wake-Up Call? by Bill Mitchell and Rita Watson reports on expert interviews with scientists analyzing the largest body of data gathered in the US, the General Social Survey, which says that infidelity hovers at about 20 percent. And marriage therapists to sexologists such as Dr. Ruth Westheimer emphasize that with proper counseling, marriages can be saved.

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