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Cheating accusations arise, as first 'Bid for Greatness' auction ends

Black Hand outfit from Killzone: Shadow Fall.
Black Hand outfit from Killzone: Shadow Fall.

As the first auction in Sony's "Bid for Greatness" comes to an end, controversy is now brewing over the legitimacy of the winner's Gold Trophies used to purchase a "Killzone: Shadow Fall" costume.

According to @PSNProfiles, the winner of the "Killzone" auction "used illegitimate methods to obtain trophies." PlayStation Life Style investigated the accusation and discovered that the "Killzone" winner, who bought the Black Hand outfit for 1,050 Gold Trophies, went from 6,500 trophies to 14,000 trophies in one day. GraveRobberX from NeoGaf also pointed out how one could cheat the system and acquire as many Gold Trophies as the accused "Killzone" winner. When notified about cheating possibly happening in the "Bid for Greatness" auction, PlayStation's Community Manager Morgan Haro said he and his team will look into it.

While Sony's plan to let players bid on PlayStation memorabilia with trophies instead of cash was admirable, these cheating accusations has highlighted a serious flaw in the method. If Sony can't guarantee that all bidders who participate in their "Bid for Greatness" auction are legitimate, then they need to drop the shiny Gold Trophies payment and revert back to cold hard cash.