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Cheaper pet meds from your local pharmacy

I don't care how cheap they were, If you think I'm going to swallow THAT you had better get the Bandaids out now.
I don't care how cheap they were, If you think I'm going to swallow THAT you had better get the Bandaids out now.
Photo by Wendy Warwick White

How many people are aware that, with a valid veterinary prescription, it’s easy and significantly cheaper to fill your cat or dog’s prescription at an ever-growing list of local pharmacies? Animals are frequently prescribed the same medications as humans just in different dosages. Many participating pharmacies are carrying cat- or dog-specific medication too and most offer a 30-day supply of the generic version of a medication when available for the paltry sum of $4. This certainly beats the cost of purchasing the same drugs from your vet. However, do not expect to find trial animal specific medications or some of the very specialized prescribed drugs available in your neighborhood store.

Walmart offers a list of animal appropriate medications including the 30 day supply of available generic versions for $4. Some of their non-generic prices are listed on their website. Orders can be placed in-store or by looking for your cat’s medication on their website and ordering it online or by phone.

Target also offers $4 generics for a 30-day supply on common medications and they will add free flavorings such tuna or beef.

In addition to filling veterinarian prescriptions Walgreens allows you to manage your furry companion’s prescriptions by adding it to a family’s online account. To qualify, kitty has to have at least one Walgreens prescription number from a prescription filled within the previous 15 months. Simply register or log into your Walgreen’s account and click Add a Pet.

Kroger affiliate stores such as Fred Myers, Ralph's and Fry's Food Store carry brand name medications as well as the $4 generic options

This list is not exhaustive; Safeway, RiteAid, Sam’s Club and Costco pharmacies provide this service for your furry companion too and there is no harm in asking if a local pharmacy not listed above will fill kitty’s prescription for you. Allegedly, although I haven’t tried this myself, participating stores will give a discount on pet meds with an AAA card. When you order online or over the phone do not forget to take the prescription with you when you pick up the medication. As with all prescription only meds, you won’t be taking them home without it.

Now that this service is increasingly coming to animal caregivers’ attention let’s see if veterinarians will begin to price match any of these retailers. Until then, you know where to get your prescription filled at a reasonable price!

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