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See also: says you win with 'Omaha' calls in Super Bowl XLVIII just announced a special deal for air travelers going to Omaha, Nebraska.

Cheapair Dude used with permission

They can receive a discount depending on how many times “Omaha” is used by Peyton Manning during this Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVIII.

Did you know that Peyton Manning was not the first to use Omaha during his signal calling?

Turns out that it was standard operating procedure for the Broncos, established by former coach Josh McDaniels. Peyton Manning said as much in a sit down interview with NBC Sports’ Dan Patrick this week. Check out the video posted above.

We’ve seen Omaha-based businesses join together to give money to Peyton Manning’s charitable foundation based on the number of times Omaha is used in his signal calling, but the deal is new.

Why shouldn’t companies use Manning’s Omaha count this Sunday for their benefit?

Well, there could be some issues related to unauthorized use of Manning’s name in a commercial context, but is Manning’s braintrust focused on that in the buildup to what could be the quarterback’s second Super Bowl victory?

Manning knows his use of Omaha has people thinking he had a commercial endorsement deal in his pocket. He said as much to Dan Patrick, but he doesn’t and has no plans to announce any.

Here is’s offer:

Should the Omaha call be used 10 times or more during the big game Sunday February 2, we’ll be immediately activating a special coupon code for $10 off flights to Omaha, Nebraska. you can use code OMAHA on towards $10 off flights to Omaha if you book online by February 9, 2014, 11:59 p.m. It’s valid for travel up until August 31, 2014.

Why not save some money if you’re heading that way?

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