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Cheap wine at Dish Society; cheap in a good way

Borao Tinto Seleccion...or Borsao Garnacha
Borao Tinto Seleccion...or Borsao Garnacha

As someone who enjoys wine, especially since it complements most foods I eat, at least for dinner, I certainly appreciate affordably priced wine lists. I find it aggravating when a restaurant makes it difficult to find any passable bottles, or almost anything in some cases, under $40 or $45 these days.

So, it was nice to find wines so affordable at Dish Society, the brand new restaurant on San Felipe northwest of the Galleria. Serving an appealing, and lighter, take on comfort food in an understated, if boisterous dining room, their pricing provides fits in perfectly with their overall concept. The list of fifteen wines won’t excite a wine geek, but it provides enough choices to make wine an expected accompaniment to a meal there. Most of the eight reds are priced at $25 per bottle, the whites between $20 and $25, and the two sparklers are $30. Per the glass, the price tops out at $8. Most surprising about the pricing, is a bottle available for just $16.

This is the Borsao Tinto, or more fully, the Borao Tinto Seleccion. It is a medium-bodied red wine from Spain that is 85% Grenache (or Garnacha in Spanish) and 15% Tempranillo. Featuring a decent amount of ripe berry fruit with some noticeable tannins and acidity, it is not a great wine, but a very well-made one that can help you wash down the food in enjoyable fashion. The Wine Advocate even wrote about 2011 vintage that it is “possibly the single greatest dry red wine value in the world,” and awarded it 90 points. The 2012 vintage, the one you will likely find, won 89 points. The Wine Spectator gave it only an 84, but not bad for a wine that sells for $5.99 at Spec’s.

It is worthy of a try. With the prices at Dish Society, you can affordably sample a few wines, though by the glass might be the safer option.

Dish Society
5740 San Felipe, 77057, (832) 538-1060