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Cheap weddings and budget beach weddings in Miami from the business side

Budget wedding trend example
Budget wedding trend example
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As we enter the official wedding season, cheap weddings and affordable beach weddings are pretty popular in Miami. This may not be the most profitable, but it can help your small business as you work between other jobs that may be more lucrative or long-term. For years, my company has benefited from doing budget weddings. Therefore, anyone in the wedding business should do what they can to attract "cheapskates" by knowing what they seek.

Talk price first for budget conscious brides and grooms

Make your price immediately clear when you engage in initial contact. Price should be stated within the first minute or paragraph of the contact ideally. Usually, a flat rate works best. Budget weddings are perfect for most recession era brides as they attempt to spend about $10,000 for the entire affair as one of the personal stories on says. They may have a big budget goal like a new home or plans to start a family in mind. Couples seeking cheap weddings or affordable beach weddings in Miami are usually looking for simple ceremonies that take less than 15 minutes with about 25 or less guests. Cheapskates can be a great client base for small business wedding vendors. For example, cake vendors may find themselves able to profit twice by selling unused materials from another client by taking on a smaller affair client that wants just a few cupcakes for their budget wedding.

Advertise with pay-per-click strategically prior to peak season

People looking to save money on their wedding usually don't prefer to look very hard. For instance, time may be a factor for why this is the case, we find at JMK Notary & Services that couples seeking budget weddings give only a couple weeks notice. Placing yourself strategically will be essential to closing the sale. Make Google Trends your small business tool to achieve keyword success. It allows you to can see what words to focus on and which ones to drop. You may find yourself restructuring your advertising campaign. Pay-per-click has increasingly become the best option over SEO (search engine optimization) because Google and other search giants have done their best to make it harder to rank well consistently with organic links exclusively.

Avoid window shoppers that waste time, resources

Spend no more than a half-hour with clients at the "window shopper" stage. Catering some time to budget weddings should be quick since price is the strong incentive, and maybe little time is left before the big day. Always have a screening question that gives you the chance to categorize the person as a window shopper. A good question to ask is, when do you need to make a decision? A good way to label a window shopper is if they call or stop by to see what they can get for free. This could include information, samples, or other things that cost your business in resources or time. This could mean other clients may suffer for attention, so do your best to have a prepared brochure and/or assign someone to handle them as long as it doesn't impact productivity.


Being in business serving cheap weddings and budget beach weddings in Miami doesn't have to have a next to zero profit stigma. Pricing at least above your breakeven point will keep your small business healthy for profitability. Think of it this way, your business is contributing to the long-term financial stability of a couple who may later come back for a vow renewal that could be more lucrative. The client may remember the great job you did, and you can upsell later with little effort. Be sure to obtain a review using a system like Wedding Wire to increase positive Internet exposure to couple efforts with click ads for all budget levels. Most importantly, you are helping a bride and groom enter the covenant of marriage without a load of debt that could contribute to a later divorce. It is always great to be part of a business that helps people build their lives together for the long-term and make some money along the way. God bless with your savvy budget weddings endeavors!

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