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Cheap ways to eat well


Dinah Grossman

Times are tough. Work is scarce, bills are piling up, the weather's getting colder, and Justin Timberlake just got his ass whooped at golf by his own mother.

But cheer up! There are still plenty of places in Chicago to score cheap groceries and ready-made meals. Behold: Four great ways to blow your last ten bucks.

Groceries from Stanley's Fresh Fruit and Vegetable:

North and Elston. CHEAP organic and commercially grown produce, bread, deli items, Italian groceries like canned peppers and olives.

Groceries from Chicago Foods in Logan Square on Kimball: Mostly Korean items. Good for those like me with a mild to moderate addiction to kimchee.

Breakfast or lunch at Nellie's in Humboldt Park: Puerto Rican deliciousness at prices you can stomach that early in the a.m.

Indian grub from Ghareeb Nawaz on Devon:

Seriously, you won't believe how inexpensive this is. I'd tell you, but then I'd have to take the time to go find exact prices and that's just not happening today. Suffice it to say, that last tenner will feed at least two of you. Which is convenient, since it also makes a great first date locale.