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Cheap food blamed for the fat-epidemic

I don't make fun of fat people.
I don't make fun of fat people.
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Not that it should shock you, but the US population continues to get fatter. Today, more than two-thirds of US adults are overweight or obese. Read the stats here.

So what are the latest genius revelations?

Not much that will surprise anybody who reads or pays attention health news.

Though cheap food in the US is blamed by some for the fat-epidemic. That is to say cheap in the context of low price.

There is a disturbing undertone in some of the many reports and studies about obesity, and that is that food should cost more to discourage overeating.

A new review ... "suggests that Americans having the cheapest food available in history is a factor fueling the obesity epidemic in the United States."

It seems to me that that the ingredients of the food consumed, and the amount consumed is what matters.

Do you grocery shop? Seriously, do you think food is cheap? Toxic maybe, but cheap?

Don't we already know that the cheap stuff in the grocery store -- canned, boxed, packaged -- is the worst in terms of massive numbers of empty calories per serving? Not to mention the additives.

And regarding eating more than the body requires to function at max, is treated as though it is an American right and privilege. Or so it seems based on the popularity of all you can eat buffets, and the nightly TV food fest until we pass out on the couch in a food coma.

Then there is the A-word

The stats in the study also reveal the amount of activity kids get per day. If you have children, and you are overweight, and they are typical, you are going to have fat kids who will follow momma's lead and become fat mommas having fat kids of their own.

Incidentally, there is rising proof that the above paragraph describes what is happening to humans regarding how what we do to ourselves affects future generations. Read my article: Epigenetics for women capable of becoming pregnant

Any good news?

Might come to pass that only thin and in-shape people will be made fun of in the future when they become a minority group picked on by the rest of the population that is obese.

Name thy poison

Our food supply is so polluted and filled with toxins, I could make a case for the governments of the world trying to control the population by killing us slowly with food --- GMOs, sweeteners, additives, insecticides, and on and on. If you are not yet avoiding GMOs, you need to read more.

Cinta anda

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