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Cheap Date Idea: Visit the planetarium

EKU's Planetarium
EKU's Planetarium
William Thrasher

When was the last time you visited a planetarium?

If you're anything like I was prior to last weekend, it's been a long time. No, I mean a really long time. EKU makes it possible to change this for pretty cheap. And thus, this week's Cheap Date Idea.

The Hummel Planetarium offers two different public showings on Friday and Saturday. The first one is called SOL & Company and the second showing is Oceans in Space. For the sake of good journalism, Will and I saw both.

SOL & Company is the children's show. Let me forewarn you, no matter how much it may sound like fun to watch SOL and his buddy Astro-Nomy take you on a tour of the Milky's really not. This showing is a sing along in which 18 of the 27 verses are exactly the same. Also, all of the planets have genders. We weren't entirely sure if Mercury was a boy or a girl at the end of the show though. Can planets have a sex change?

Oceans in Space is for a slightly more adult crowd. This showing explores the way life developed on the Earth and thus what scientists are looking for in other planets to help determine if life does (or least can) exist there. It is a fascinating show that takes approximately 45 minutes if you count the after show.

Ah yes, the after show. Once the initial show is over, an announcer will provide a view of what the night sky will look like at about 9:30. She'll show you how to identify a few constellations. While Will and I were there, she was able to point out three planets that would be visible with the naked eye.

There is also a small gift shop where you can pick up some astronaut ice cream, a bouncy ball, and that Newton's Cradle you've always wanted.

The planetarium is pretty easy to find too. All you have to do is find Interstate 75 and head south. This shouldn't be an issue since you can get to 75 from almost any major roadway heading out of Lexington in a Northern or Eastern direction (i.e. Georgetown Rd, North Broadway, Winchester, Man-O-War, Richmond Rd).

  • Follow 75 South to exit 87.
  • Turn left and follow the Eastern Bypass to Lancaster.
  • Turn right on Lancaster.
  • At the first light, turn left on to Kit Carson Drive
  • The Hummel Planetarium will be on your left!

Cost: $8 for two tickets...unless you're EKU students - then you get to save 50 cents per ticket!

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