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Cheap Date Idea: Pretend to be photographers and start exploring

These giant tires were found behind a store in Hamburg Pavilion.
These giant tires were found behind a store in Hamburg Pavilion.

Lexington has a ton of neat little back roads, pretty lakes, gorgeous landscapes, and hidden treasures. This week's Cheap Date Idea encourages you to get out there and find some of them! And all you need is a camera and a little imagination. Whether you like to practice photography as a hobby, have always dreamed of making it a career, or only use a camera for special occasions, you can manage to find a good time taking pictures with your sweetheart somewhere in this great city.

Will lounging in a giant tire we found while exploring.
Sarah Allen

For this date, I recommend picking up a disposable camera. Yes, this recommendation stands even if you have the coolest, newest, sleekest digital camera that's not even going to be on the market until next fall. Why? Take a look at the slide show below and check out picture number 8. If we had been using a digital camera, it's likely that picture wouldn't have satisfied my perfectionist side. It probably would have been deleted and I would likely have asked Will to let me take "just one more" another twenty times. However, that one is now my favorite out of the entire bunch.

I did some price checking around town for you and discovered that Meijer actually has the cheapest disposable camera in a single pack at $3.69 up to $8.69. Walmart has them from $3.84 to $9.44. Target is $3.99 to $9.99. I'd suggest getting a two pack never know what interesting things you'll find while just driving around.

Will and I started our journey in Hamburg. Behind one of the buildings, we found three huge tires. After checking for "No Trespassing" signs, we pulled over and started snapping some pictures. There was a hill behind the same building that had a few trees walled off for no apparent reason. I immediately thought it would make a perfect photo opportunity. Having used a good chunk of the film, Will and I began to drive down several back roads before we realized that we had never explored the back part of the lake at Jacobson Park. We found a lot of good pictures out that direction. I've shared many of them in the slide show below.

I highly recommend you find your own fascinating places in Lexington to snap some pictures. However, I will give a few suggestions:

  • Downtown Lexington
  • Triangle Park
  • University of Kentucky or Transylvania University

Whatever you do, make sure you're safe and that you are not truly trespassing. I certainly don't want any of you breaking any laws on my suggestion after all.

Once your camera is spent, drop it off at the nearest one hour photo for some quick development. I chose Walmart...the one on New Circle lovingly referred to as "Ghetto Walmart" by those I went to school with. You could spend that hour looking through some picture frames to place some of your masterpieces in.
I didn't buy any frames on this trip (mainly because I already have a ton of extra frames at home) so that won't factor into the cost , but I did have all of these pictures put on a CD so I wouldn't have to scan them all in individually.

Cost: $13.73 between the camera and one hour photo development

Another variation of this cheap date would be to pretend like you are tourists. Try to see the sites as if you're in a brand new city. If you're feeling particularly frisky, why not assume new identities for the day. Refer to each other with assumed names and throw in an accent just for the fun of it!

Have an idea for a Cheap Date in Lexington? Email your idea to and it may become one of the featured Cheap Date Ideas! Find more cheap date ideas here!


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