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Cheap Date Idea: Pedal boats at Jacobson Park

Will and me out enjoying the water.
Will and me out enjoying the water.
William Thrasher

As it turns out, Jacobson Park has a ton of great Cheap Date opportunities. I write about that place a lot. I'd almost say that it is mentioned in more of my articles than any other place I've ever written about.

Jacobson Park can add this article to the list of why it's such a great place to spend some time with your main squeeze.

Over the weekend, Will and I decided to try out the boats on the lake. As it turns out, a boating trip at Jacobson Park costs a grand total of $3 for 30 minutes of pedal boat fun. If you bring the boat back late, they'll charge you another $3. To be honest, I'm not sure how well they can keep up with who is bringing the boats back on time and who isn't.

Will and I had to wait in line for about half an hour before we got our own life jackets and boat. Even with the good number of other people out on the lake, there was plenty of room to roam and enjoy the water. I only freaked out and thought we would collide with someone three times...and two of those times occurred when we were trying to bring the boat back into the dock.

If you, for some reason, have your own small boat, you can even bring it out to the lake instead of renting one of the pedal boats. It still costs $3...but at least there wouldn't be a time limit.

We felt the need to bring some home made lemonade with us to complete the whole afternoon-at-the-park feeling. Will's is unique and delicious in that he mixes fresh squeezed lemons with tons of sugar, club soda, and ice. This, of course, is entirely optional. Pedal boats are not. Go enjoy the water!

Cost: $3

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