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Cheap Date Idea: Home improvement projects

Not only can you finally get that shelf hung up, but you can have fun painting it and then decorating it with things that remind you of each other.
Not only can you finally get that shelf hung up, but you can have fun painting it and then decorating it with things that remind you of each other.

We all have something that needs doing around our homes. For whatever reason, we just keep putting it off. Rarely is it a matter of cost though. Usually, we already have everything we need, we just can't seem to find the time or motivation to get the project done.

Grab your tools and start improving!
Sarah Allen

And thus I present to you my next Cheap Date Idea!

Grab your sweetheart and whatever tools you need and then get started on your home improvement project! Maybe you have some pictures to hang up or a room to paint. Maybe you need some extra storage in a particular room or your books have gotten unruly. Whatever it is, the project will be more fun with your sweetie and you'll be glad it's finally done.

I've shared a few pictures of my own home improvement projects in the slide show below. Only you know what needs to be done in your home, but here's a short list to give you a few ideas:

  • Paint that room! You've been itching for a red bedroom, why not go for it? Get your sweetheart to help you shove everything into the middle of the room, grab some painter's tape, a gallon of paint, and some rollers and go for it. A gallon of paint should only cost you about 30 bucks at Walmart. Throw in the rollers, any brushes you need and tape, and you're looking at about a $50-$60 home improvement project.
  • Buy some shelves and customize your storage. After Will moved in, I discovered we had WAY too many spices. My tiny kitchen couldn't handle the overload. We went to Hobby Lobby in Brannon Crossing and found a set of three ready to paint shelves for $9.99. My kitchen is now styling with all three (full of spices) and our next home improvement date will involve painting them whatever color we so choose.
  • Finally get your _____ arranged. Whether it's your DVDs, games, or books, something in your apartment probably needs to organized. Now is the perfect time to get your love involved in your weird collecting habits and start sharing wonderful memories...all while putting that collection in its proper place.
  • Put that stupid bookshelf together! You know you have a piece of furniture you bought a couple of months ago but never put together just sitting in your closet. Maybe it's time to break out the screw driver and throw the instructions to the side. Rely on his furniture building knowledge (or at least pretend to) and have a blast.
  • Rearrange your living room. Maybe you've always wanted to try your couch on the left side of your living room. The two of you should be able to get it there without too much trouble!

Whatever your project is, you're sweetheart will be glad you asked and happy to help - and so will you!

Cost: Depends on what project you choose. It could potentially be free if you've already got all of the stuff you need!

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  • Rachel H 5 years ago

    Is it bad that my reaction the bookshelf picture was to be annoyed because it's not enough of a close up for me to identify all the books?
    The only ones I can get are the Boys over Flowers and Sarah Douglass. And that green game looks familiar.
    Need better pictures!

  • Sarah Allen 5 years ago

    Sara Douglass isn't on either of those bookshelves! You know she has a prime spot on my best book shelf. The one on the left is in the picture is Will's gaming book shelf. The green box is Arkham Horror. The smaller book shelf is full mostly of my romance novels and - yes - my small collection of manga.

  • Rachel H. 5 years ago

    Ah that's why it's familiar, my brother brought that one home with him for spring break. (not that we played it...)

  • Tinamarie 5 years ago

    Very clever and practical at the same time.
    Also - wanted to acknowledge how I do appreciate your readership and comments on my columns as well. Thoughtful dialogue through this format do indeed help us all improve our crafts! No pun intended. :)

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