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Cheap Date Idea: Go garage sale-ing

Community garage sale in this neighborhood right off of Liberty Road.
Community garage sale in this neighborhood right off of Liberty Road.
Google Maps

The old adage "One man's trash is another man's treasure" is incredibly true and nothing proves that better than this next Cheap Date Idea. Garage sales often hold unique and spectacular finds. I've gotten some of my favorite DVDs and knick knacks while perusing the tables set out on my neighbors' lawns.

Now that Spring has finally sprung, garage sale-ing (Yes, I like it better spelled this way. No, I don't care if you think it's wrong.) is right at the top of my list of fun activities. And since you can easily take your sweetheart with you, it's a natural for a Cheap Date Idea. If you manage to find a community garage sale, the two of you can park your car and enjoy a nice stroll out in the sun while you're at it!

The picture I've included with this article is a Google Map image of a part of Lexington having a community garage sale this weekend. You can also keep an eye out for local garage sales at this great website. If you happen to love garage sales as much as I do (who am I kidding, nobody loves garage sales like I do), you can also mark your calendar for this year's 400 Mile Sale!

Here is the best advice for turning the art of garage sale-ing into a perfect Cheap Date Idea:

  • Go for small-ish community garage sales
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Wear sun screen! Seriously. After-date-sunburn is not fun.
  • Take your driver's license, proof of car insurance, $20 bucks apiece and nothing else (the first two are necessary to get to the garage sale...I'm not going to tell you to drive illegally after all!)
  • Haggle

Cost: Whatever you're willing to part with in order to buy that tea cup you think will complete your secret collection. Taking just $20 with you can guarantee it won't cost any more than that at least!

Have an idea for a Cheap Date in Lexington? Email your idea to and it may become one of the featured Cheap Date Ideas! Find more cheap date ideas here!


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