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Cheap and legal source for music

Cheap music downloads
Cheap music downloads
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Big music fans need not pay prices found at Amazon or iTunes. Check out Legal Sounds. Their songs are $.09 each across the board, so albums run about $.90 each. An initial investment of a minimum of $20 allows you to shop there and download whatever you like. Reloading the account is simple, and the more you load, the more free songs you receive. The money you load is held for you until it is used up. Loading money is simple with a debit or credit card.

New albums appear every day, and their selection is outstanding for the kind of music I purchase, which is often pretty obscure. They have their own downloading program, and files you purchase can be transferred into any media player or mp3 player. If they don't carry music you want, you can request it, but I have not had much luck with that feature. If you have problems with a download, you can contact someone at the site to ask for help and get a quick response. If your computer crashes and your hard drive is destroyed, you can redownload anything you have previously purchased.

The site is based in Russia, which can be worrisome, but my personal experience and those of friends have been oustanding, and I've been using it for years. I wouldn't recommend it otherwise.