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Che Brown's Sales Swagger

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Che Brown's Sales Swagger
by Che Brown

Che Brown is a sales expert and his book is about attracting more clients, landing more appointments and boosting sales. He emphasizes taking action over being perfect. It's important to start so that you can perfect along the way. He also believes in delegation of tasks. There are something one must offload to staff so that they can focus on the important tasks that only THEY can do. His chapter on being focused is especially helpful. Today we have so many reasons to be distracted. He tells the reader that being busy is not an excuse for not focusing on your goals. I like the idea of his “5 More Rule”. When you have completed the task, push yourself to do 5 more.

His chapter on sales explains that if you don't have enough sales it's because you are not prospecting enough. And how working on presentation skills, for 30 minutes a day can help you get better with your sales presentations. He also has a chapter where he talks about investing in a database. He explains what the components of a data base should be. For people with no sales experience, getting organized is the biggest hurdle. If someone had pointed out this, I could have been much further and understood how to use the databases I had invested in previously.

With the last segment focused on life balance, Brown encourages people to take care of themselves while pushing towards their goals. Most sales books are simply about pushing and pushing even more. It’s a quick read and the kind of book I wish I had read when I first realized I had to start selling.

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