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Chatting it Up with Kylie Matthews (Heroine of Kylie’s Kiss by Delia Latham)

I had the great pleasure of receiving Kylie’s Kiss for review from Delia Latham as a member of the writing group I am in and it truly blessed me to read it. I have been thinking of ways to best share about this book with you and I chose this post that Delia Latham had put together from the Heroine, Kylie’s, point of view. I think it gives a good starting point about what the book is about and the voice the book is in.

Author and her Solomon's Gate Series!
Delia Latham
Delia Latham's Solomon's Gate Series
White Rose Publishing

I actually read the book a few months back, but I have been letting the idea of it stew and sink in as I really did just simply love it! And sometimes, for me, to review a book is to say goodbye and I don’t like goodbyes... However, I just learned that the series will continue in another book coming up called Gypsy’s Game and I am super excited!

Without further ado... I bring you and interview with Kylie Matthews from Kylie’s Kiss by Delia Latham (enjoy!):

Chatting it Up with Kylie Matthews

(Heroine of Kylie’s Kiss)

Hi, Kylie! I understand you met the love of your life through Solomon’s Gate. Signing up with a dating agency seems like a pretty bold move for someone as obviously shy as you are.

Hello, and thank you for having me on your blog.  Yes, you’re right. Making that initial appointment, and then actually showing up for it, was hard for me. I did not want do it, but my friend Dayna dared me and…well, I’ve never been able to turn down a dare.

LOL...Dayna probably knew that, didn’t she?

Without a doubt!

So tell us about your first time inside the doors of the agency.

Let me just start by saying I was not having a good day. Without going into all the details, nothing had gone right that day. Seriously, I even had a fender bender on the way to my appointment!

Pardon me, I’m trying not to laugh. I’m sure it wasn’t funny to you. What happened after you got there?

Well, I started up the walkway, and very nearly turned around and simply conceded the dare. But there was this man outside the doors. He called my name as I was turning to go. Something about him was so irresistible…I couldn’t turn away. He told me I was where I was supposed to be, opened the door for me, and I walked in without a single argument.

Wow! That’s kind of weird, isn’t it? Did he work for the agency?

(Laughs) Well, kind of, but I don’t think he’s actually on the payroll. I’m not at liberty to discuss him right now. But he made a definite impression on me.

OK, I guess we can live with that answer. What about Destiny May, the owner of Solomon’s Gate? What did you think of her?

Destiny is amazing! Of course, with the kind of day I was having, I didn’t exactly make a stunning impression. I’d just bitten into a blueberry bagel slathered in cream cheese when she came into the room and greeted me. Needless to say, I was…well, necessarily speechless.

Awkward! What do you remember most about that meeting?

Destiny’s ability to make me talk about things in my life I’d never shared with anyone. When I left that day, I couldn’t believe I had told her exactly what I was holding out for in a relationship.

And what was that?

Well, it sounds a little silly, I know…but it was the kiss. I wanted to experience the kind of kiss that took my breath away and curled my toes—you know, the fairy tale romance kind, complete with fireworks and sound effects. But, silly as it sounds, Destiny understood. She told me not ever to settle for less.

Hmmm. And then she paired you with Rick Dale. What did you think of him the first time you met him?

Well, Rick and I had met before, but Destiny didn’t know that. Neither did we, until we came face to face on our first date. It was a little bit…well, awkward. But Rick handled it like the gentleman he is, and it worked out.

Kylie, you suffer from a rare phobia. Would you share with us about that?

If you had asked me that this time last year, I wouldn’t have been able to talk about it, but God has brought me a long ways. The name of my particular fear is dysmorphophobia. It’s a tongue-twister! LOL And to make it even more rare, my own case is actually reverse dysmorphophobia. Most people with this disorder have an extreme aversion to the idea of flaws in their own physical appearance. I dealt with my own flaws fairly well, but had extreme reactions to facial disfiguration in others.

And by disfiguration you mean…?

I mean pretty much anything from acne to a harelip to severe scarring. Anything “wrong” on a person’s face.

But only on other people—not yourself? And only on the face?

Yes, it’s pretty much face-specific. There was obviously more to it than met the eye, but I’m not sure the gal who pulls my strings wants me to talk about it.

LOL Well, then we should probably move on. You have a pretty star-studded family, don’t you?

I do! My mother is a former beauty queen. She’s a beautiful woman even now, with numerous titles under her belt—including Miss California. My sister, Shay, is a famous actress. She’s quite the beauty, as well.

And so are you!

Well, thank you, but…not really. You wouldn’t think so if Shay were sitting here with me.

Hmmm... Somehow I doubt that. What about Looking Glass Ranch? What’s that all about?

That’s Rick’s ranch, where he runs a therapy camp for teenaged girls with facial disfigurements—scars, deformities, malformation…you name it. It’s a wonderful operation!

Just teenaged girls? No boys?

For now, just girls. Rick has a little daughter who deals with some of those same issues, so he has a special affinity for the problems young girls face when they are less than perfect in today’s appearance-conscious society. Maybe someday he’ll open it up to boys, as well, but for now, no. It’s just getting started, though, so who knows what the future might hold?

Well, it sounds amazing. I’m surprised, with your particular aversion to facial abnormalities, that you can be a part of this. How does that work?

It’s a God thing.  That’s all I’m free to say right now, but my story tells all.

Just a couple more quick questions. Is it true that Solomon’s Gate has some sort of divine connection that assists in the matchmaking process?

You’d probably need to speak with Destiny May about that. All I’m at liberty to say is this: Something very special happened to me through my association with Solomon’s Gate. Was it divine? If you’re asking me, then yes, absolutely. But someone else might see it in a whole different light.

Talk about dancing around an answer! LOL Now…about that kiss…?

Oh, no, you don’t—Kylie Matthews does not kiss and tell. But Delia Latham has no problem painting every little detail in vivid color. A peek inside her books will answer all your questions…and then some.

Thank you, Kylie! I’m glad you could be with us today.

So am I. Happy reading, everyone!

Author bio

Delia Latham is a born-and-bred California gal, recently transplanted to Oklahoma where she lives with her husband Johnny. She’s a Christian wife, mother, grandmother, sister, and friend—but above all, she treasures her role as child of the King and heir to the throne of God. Delia enjoys big, loud, happy family gatherings. When she’s not writing, she loves to play piano and sing, read, enjoy nature’s beauty, and design marketing products for authors.

A former newspaper Staff Writer and frequent contributor to her hometown’s regional publication, Bakersfield Magazine, she has also freelanced projects to a public relations firm and various magazines; has compiled, edited, and designed cover art for various Kindness Incorporated projects; and has sold greeting card verse. Many of her short stories, articles, and devotions can be found online.

Latham’s published works includes: Goldeneyes (Vinspire Publishing, 2006); Yesterday’s Promise, Destiny’s Dream, Kylie's Kiss (2010-2011, White Rose Publishing); and Mine! (children’s picture book, 2011, Vinspire Imaginations). Book 3 in the Solomon’s Gate Series from White Rose Publishing continues with Gypsy's Game, 2012 release date pending.

Find out more about this author on her website:,
or visit her blog (
or newsletter (

Visit Delia's site and keep your eye out for her next book in the series, Gypsy's Game, later this year!

~Your Fresno Books Examiner


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