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Chatter about the devil (revised)

     Lately, there has been much chatter about the devil…

     Spending time with many very beautiful members of religion has always given me the opportunity to hear their opinion on things. Recently there has been an interesting increase in the discussion of the devil. Paying attention to the fact that when something becomes a recurring theme in life it is something that needs to be noticed, I sat with this devil concept mindfully:

     It would seem, that after coming from a place where I absolutely believed in the devil and the possibilities of what that might mean, I have now reached a place that the idea is ridiculous; ridiculous in the sense of the existence of an actual being named Lucifer who is trying to make bad things happen. However, the devil as a concept is something that I can not only tolerate but I can see how it can have a great effect in one’s life (especially if that person were to believe in the devil to the point of seeing ‘HIM’ everywhere). As a concept, the devil is a negative force; this force can of course be fed by various acts. Like all forces that exist, this devil concept has drawn like energy to itself for some time. If you follow the bible from the beginning you can see that the devil had very little power at all to start. Then as time went on and the Christian religion progressed, the story of the devil became greater and it took greater hold on the people. Nowadays, depending with whom you are speaking, it would appear that the devil is busier than God and now has all sorts of power that was never attributed to it biblically. How could something like this happen? Throughout the years, people have feed this concept of the devil and as a result it has grown. I am not going to deny that to some the devil is a very real thing (it is to them), but I am going to challenge the usefulness of this perception. Of the people I know who are steeped in ‘seeing’ the devil here and noticing how ‘busy’ the devil is there, most are suffering from aliments. In fact, they all are in some sort of pain. When we open ourselves up for negativity and begin to see patterns of negativity all around us, we cannot help but to experience negativity. As this negativity is compounded within our minds its energies become concreted in our bodies and in our lives. Therefore, when we look for the devil we are clearly opening up a pathway to experience more bedevilments; this is because what we seek is always given.

     As a concept, the negative force which has been called Lucifer, Mara, and other names is a thing to be mindful of, yes. Yet, more importantly, it is better to focus on the positive forces which have been called names such as Allah, Buddha, Jehovah and others. It is these positive forces that, when fed, keep us consistently moving in a direction where the ‘devil’ can’t touch us. In short: “Once we stop seeking the devil we will stop finding it.”

(Let your Inner Divinity guide you)


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