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Chatelaines for knitters

They should make a comeback. Chatelaines were popular during the second half of the 1800's. This was a decorative piece of useful "tools" that the housekeeper wore hanging from her belt. Chatelaine is a French word that is defined as having all the tools at hand for a housekeeper to handle situations might arise during the day.

A decorative piece of the housekeepers
Knitting Chatelaine

A housekeeper might carry a thimble, scissors, tiny pad and pencil, key... The chatelaines could be as simple or ornate as money good buy, like jewelry. Always displayed, it represented a status symbol. Though they date back to ancient Rome, they can still be useful for knitters.

Knitters can have a chatelaine with a hanging scissors, small crochet hook (for picking up dropped stitches), a row counter and row markers to start with. Each item would be on its own chain. When sitting down, all these tools would be easily accessible in your lap...close at hand.

You can make your own or find a knitting chatelaine on the web for purchase.

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