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Chat with Austin Basis from CW's Beauty And The Beast - Part 1

Austin Basis a.k.a. JT Forbes
Photo by Todd Oren

With Beauty and the Beast's second season ending in a cliffhanger, we kick off with the rest of season 2 on June 2nd, and here to tell me all about what to expect is Austin Basis, a.k.a JT Forbes. Austin is an active Twitter user who's acquired quite a fanbase of Twitter followers, and most of these questions are from those very followers of this onscreen biochemist professor and best buddy of the Beast.

This will be part 1, but part 2 will be following shortly. So Beauty and the Beast fans, this is for you.

• Any predictions for Beauty and the Beast season 3?
From @FanOfBatB

You’ll see a lot of mythology, I don’t know if it’s all uncovered but each history of the relationship will lead directly into what the log line is for next season. Vincent and Catherine try to maintain their relationship in the face of evils.

• Do you think that your character JT and Tess will get together exclusively?
From @Oconnor_xXx

Yeah, they will. But with any relationship there are very few that from the moment people meet or start a relationship their relationship is exclusive. JT and Tess get a similar and a more incubated way like Vincent and Catherine, and are trying to figure out what it is, if it’s worth the long haul, if it’s something that’s gonna last. I feel like ‘do it’ you know, in an adult way. There’s other things they need to deal that get in the way of a relationship evolving naturally, and you’ll see that with Vincent in jail at the start of the next episode [June 2], so they’ll have to figure that out.

• Are you very close to Kristin & Jay now, and what are they really like outside of acting, I bet you're lovely.
From @tracybarnes26

(Laughs) Well thank you. We spend so much time on set together that we develop a relationship and be close off set because part of acting is when even though the prism of another character gets to know each other, in some cases there are some people that are actually, like with Jay and I and JT, there’s another level to our friendship that some of my friends in LA and New York have, there’s a camaraderie. They’re laying it along the line in the presence of other people, because going into a day of shooting everyone’s kind of rough with their lines, and as an actor you have to risk looking bad especially in that situation where you’re vulnerable. So you know Jay and I, there’s a figurative end to describe Jay in real life. I don’t wanna give too much away but from my impression and only in my experience, it’s just the kind of laid back, fun, silly guy that takes acting and his work really seriously…he knows how to screw around and make jokes. I would say out of everyone on set, except for Sendhil, he’s the one that does the silliest stuff when the camera’s rolling off camera, because a lot of times he gets everyone else laughing, then he does his work and we’re all laughing at our takes. And Kristen, I feel like she’s just a calming kind of presence. She is Zen-like and she definitely likes to laugh.

• There are only 13 episodes for Season 3. Do you think it needs more or is it enough?
From @CathySteuve

If we only have 13 episodes which I think that’s the case, to string out any story line, I think it gets harder and harder when you’re comparing network TV to cable TV, cable does 13 to 15 episodes at most. In some cases they do seasons of 6 to 10 episodes. The first season of Walking Dead and Breaking Bad were like 6 and 7 episodes. There’s a lot more time to make sure those episodes are quality but there’s also a lot less time to pack in all the action, and I think that to the benefit of the viewer you’ll have a cast and crew that is fully energetic. So down the line after shooting 8 months in a row, there’s a fatigue that sets in with the cast and the crew, and it’s hard but we’ll work against it, but we’ll be under less pressure.

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