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Chastain Q&A: Metal matriarch Leather Leone will 'Surrender to No One'

She was among the founding women of metal. Europe had Doro Pesch and America had Leather Leone. Her gravel-throated vocal delivery raised hairs and dropped jaws and gave Chastain its trademark voice. This week, Leone checked in with The Examiner to discuss the new Chastain record “Surrender To No One“, and her past, present and future in metal.

Chastain is back with Leather Leone
Leviathan Records

Leone began her career in the Bay Area band Rude Girl in the early 80′s and soon joined forces with guitar wizard, David Chastain. Together the released five albums between 1985 and 1990. She also released her solo effort, “Shock Waves” in 1989. After the band’s 1990 album, “For Those Who Dare“, the disillusioned Leone dropped out of music altogether for two decades.

In the late aughts, the death of Ronnie James Dio brought Leone back into the fold as she and former Rude Girl drummer, Sandy Sledge formed the Sledge/Leather project. The band, which featured former Dio members bassist Jimmy Bain and keyboardist Scott Warren, released “Imagine Me Alive” in 2012. This got Leone back on stages in Europe and re-ignited her passion to perform.

Former bandmate, David Chastain began talks with Leone about making a new Chastain record. Leone admits she was initially reluctant, but after taking a couple of tracks into the studio and getting her voice back in shape, she knew it was time.

Leone talks about where her passions took her during her absence from the music scene, how she feels about the new Chastain record, her friendship and work with Benedictum’s Veronica Freeman, and much more. Listen to the full interview in the video box, above-left.:

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