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‘Chasing New Jersey’ reporters attend job fair in Atlantic City

Golden Nugget Job Fair Feb 26 & 27, 2014
Golden Nugget website

Tonight’s episode of “Chasing New Jersey” focused on the problems of the jobless in the Garden State and chased a story at the Golden Nugget Casino in Atlantic City, where an emergency job fair was held today and will end tomorrow, February 27 at 6 p.m.

Reporters Bill Anderson and Rohan Mohanty attended the job fair in an industry that has been struggling due to neighboring states opening casinos and people flocking to the closest venue. With 50-100 total jobs available in every position, Bill and Rohan dressed for success and completed applications just to see what the entire process entailed.

Rohan stated that the process was simple; come in, fill out an application, sit for an interview, and maybe you will be offered a job. Bill noted that hundreds of people lined up looking for jobs. Some applicants waited several hours for a chance to be interviewed.

Bill spoke with Delina Shannon, who previously worked for the Borgata, and has been unemployed for a year. She is desperate to fill any job available.

Atlantic City resident and job seeker, Bobby Taylor said that Atlantic City residents should be interviewed first before the hiring is open to workers in other cities and states. He emphatically stated that the first day should only be for residents of the city because those residents elected for the casino to come there, and they should have preference.

Bill and Rohan wanted to let Chasing New Jersey viewers know that it is not too late. So bring your resume, dress to impress, be prepared, and then tweet @ChasingBillA & @ChasingRohan to let them know how you made out, and above all, they wish you success on this episode of “Chasing New Jersey.”

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