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‘Chasing New Jersey’ follows up on the murder Brendan Tevlin

Chasing New Jersey follows up on murder of Brendan Tevlin
Brendan Tevlin RIP Facebook page

On last night’s episode of “Chasing New Jersey,” the entire team of Chasers were relentlessly trying to help solve the murder of 19-year-old Livingston resident, Brendan Tevlin. Brendan was killed on June 25, and found in his SUV in a parking lot after leaving a friend’s house about 11:30 p.m.

Chaser Sibile Marcellus reported that three suspects had been apprehended regarding the murder of Brendan Tevlin; Ali Muhammad Brown, Eric Williams and Jeremy Villagran. Sibile stood on the corner of Northfield Avenue and Walker Street in West Orange where the murder occurred. Brendan was sitting in his car at the traffic light, when one of the three suspects who was following him, jumped out of his car and shot Tevlin. He subsequently pushed his body over to the passenger side and drove the car to the apartment complex. Sibile then went to the spot where his bullet-riddled body was found. According to police, his body was found in the passenger seat of his grandfather’s SUV, at the apartment complex where one of the suspects lived.

Sibile checked further to find out more about Ali Muhammad Brown. He was labeled as armed and dangerous in Seattle, because he had allegedly killed two men on June 1. The scene of that murder was described as having an exorbitant amount of blood. He somehow went from that murder to New Jersey, and four days later he committed robbery and attempted carjacking in Point Pleasant. Brown was incredibly dangerous and a registered sex offender.

Bill Spadea and the rest of the chasers then questioned the value of having a sex-offender registry, if they can just travel from state to state. Hank Flynn stated that on the sex-offender website, one needed only to put in their zip code to find how many sex offenders are in one’s neighborhood. The numbers are astounding, as reported on this episode of “Chasing New Jersey.”

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