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Chasing Jonah with Shawn Lightfoot at Three Layers Cafe

with Shawn Lightfoot
with Shawn Lightfoot
Chasing Jonah

Saturday August 23, 2014 from 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Orlando-based touring artist, Chasing Jonah will be performing an acoustic set at Three Layers Cafe featuring Jacksonville artist Shawn Lightfoot who will be opening the show.

This will be a Free Show.

Chasing Jonah
Fronted by singer/songwriter and composer Ashley Dudukovich, Chasing Jonah is an Alternative Indie Rock project based out of Orlando, FL. Chasing Jonah puts forward an emotionally charged sound that combines Dudukovich's haunting vocals and vulnerable lyrics with moving orchestral and indie rock arrangements that produce its characteristic cinematic sound. Chasing Jonah’s debut album, "Prelude" was released on May 31st, 2014. Chasing Jonah is currently booking performance and tour dates throughout the Southeast.

Shawn Lightfoot may have visited Jacksonville, Florida in 2000 under the guise of a quick return to North Carolina to finish music school, but he soon found his career as an opera singer had met an untimely end. Struggling with the economic realities, Lightfoot made the decision to make his home in Jacksonville. Years of studying music have afforded him with an ear for music that transcends the run of the mill music songwriter. Inspired by the bohemian neighborhood of 5 Points, which he calls home, his lyrics strut with their heart on their sleeves and deliver a caustic wit through booming tenor vocals. Assertive melodies act as snapshots capturing the angst of the South as he performs in the self-conscious bravado of a jazz singer. Suit and tie with his occasional guitar solos help him resuscitate the pulse of gospel hymns, folk, country, and the homespun sound reminiscent to Jeff Buckley if he were Billy Holiday for the day. His sound equates to 50% captivation, 50% uneasiness, and 50% serene tranquility. Lightfoot started performing at Fuel and quickly became a staple in the local music scene of Jacksonville. Soon he had a steady fan base and started his band The Lightfoot Brigade. Four years and hundreds of shows later, Lightfoot is still at it performing in smokey and non-smokey venues between Jacksonville and Tampa Bay. He released Nocturnes and Serenades in 2006 for which he received acclaimed revues. His unique songwriting sensibilities won him a finalist spot at the 2008 Suwannee Springfest Songwriting Competition. Recently, Lightfoot’s second EP That Old Sweet Southern Style was released in early 2009.

Three Layers Cafe
1602 Walnut St
Jacksonville, Florida 32206