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Chase Vasser will not be on 'The Walking Dead'

Chase Vasser will no longer appear on "The Walking Dead"
Chase Vasser will no longer appear on "The Walking Dead"
Photo via Chase Vasser's Twitter

"The Walking Dead" season 5 is months away, but fans are busy looking for any information they can find. It was recently revealed that Chase Vasser was going to be on the show. However, he tweeted on May 16 that he is no longer going to be on the zombie series.

The actor did not give a reason why he would no longer be appearing on season 5. He simply said that he was sorry to fans and his Twitter profile shows that his posts about the show have been removed. Even though he didn't say what happened, there are people speculating.

Vasser seemed excited to land a role on the zombie series and sent out a series of tweets about it. Although his tweets didn't reveal too much, his hashtags did. Two of those hashtags were #NotDyingEasily and #cannibaltwist. The latter implied that there are cannibals at Terminus. Even though the majority of fans have speculated this, Robert Kirkman and Scott Gimple wanted that kept under wraps. Gimple went as far as to say that fans shouldn't assume cannibalism just because of some bones.

In other news for the show, the Facebook page The Spoiling Dead Fans posted a photo. It was a letter to residents of the city of Griffin. It stated that beginning May 23 until the wee hours of the next morning they will be filming. The letter went on to warn of road closures for the safety of the public and the crew.

MoviePilot also posted some information on what to expect. Their article has to do with Father Gabriel and includes a ton of details from the comics. In the comic books, Gabriel kidnapped Dale. On the show, Dale is gone, but the website speculated that he might have Beth. As fans remember, Beth was kidnapped and there was a cross on the back of the car that she was in.

What do you think about Chase Vasser no longer set to appear on "The Walking Dead" season 5? Do you think it had something to do with his tweets? What are your theories on Father Gabriel and Beth's kidnapping?

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