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Chase Elliott shows he has what it takes

Good things happen to those who race hard
Good things happen to those who race hard
Photo by Jerry Markland

The Nationwide race at Texas on Friday was a race that lead to a family celebration. As 18 year old Chase Elliott, son of fomer Sprint Cup driver and champion, Bill Elliott took the lead in the final laps, his mom was barely able to contain her excitement.

Chase is a remarkable young man with a truckload of talent. His personality is very similar to his famous dad. He does not make a lot of noise, he just goes out on the track and drives.

It seems that the sport of NASCAR racing has discovered a goldmine of talent with the current crop of young drivers. Just as we had come to accept the often arrogant behavior of drivers like the Busch brothers, Joey Logano and Brad Keselowski, we now see a turning of the tide.

Chase Elliott is a fine example of the new, young face of NASCAR. He is softspoken, laid back and incredibly knowledgable about the car and what he needs to go faster. He does not charge to the front, he makes his way patiently past each car that he passes.

The most amazing thing about the new generation is that while they show a great respect for the history of the sport and the veteran drivers that they compete against; yet they do not seem to be intimidated by racing against the biggest names in the sport. They learn from them and then they take what they learn and drive right past them on their way to victory.