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Chas. Krauthammer accuses the president of "making stuff up"

Obama has trouble telling the American people the real truth
Obama has trouble telling the American people the real truth
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The critics of President Obama are beginning to increase with the frequency of national scandals and unpopularity of Obamacare. The latest serious criticism comes from noted conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer. Speaking Thursday on Fox News' “Special Report,” he accused the president of “making stuff up with brazenness when he says that Obamacare is working.”

He was referring to Obama's appearance before microphones at the White House to declare “this is working,” meaning Obamacare. The comment set Krauthammer off during his Fox appearance.

"Look, it's working in that it exists. It breathes. But if it's hurting the doctor, it's hurting the hospital, it's hurting the patient, it's hurting the economy, it's going to cost a fortune," said the former psychiatrist-turned-national columnist, Dr. Krauthammer.

He added, "I love the way the president says healthcare costs are reduced, as if there is any relationship between a reduction, which occurred during a recession, and a healthcare implementation, which occurs today. So it couldn't possibly have retroactively affected last year's numbers. I mean, he makes this stuff up with brazenness that is almost admirable," The Washington Post columnist said.

Krauthammer is a cut above most national political columnist because of his medical background on the subject of the Affordable Care Act. "Everybody is getting a worse deal. If the providers are, that means the doctors aren't getting their usual payments, which means they have to see much more patients, which means they spend less time, which means the care is inferior, that means they are reimbursed at a lower rate, which means some of them will go out of business."

He warns the Republicans not to back down from Obama's adoring mainstream media who have forgotten their journalistic backgrounds. Obama may be falsely praising Obamacare, but the American people need to hear their side since the media won't cover it.

With midterm elections on the horizon he adds, "I think it's an organ worth playing day and night. Which is going to have more effect on the voter, Obama in a press conference in a holiday week throwing out a number, 8 million, which means nothing? Or knowing someone in your family, or you, losing health insurance, having your hours reduced so your employer can call you part-time, losing your job, losing hours, all of this stuff affecting you personally?"

"Higher premiums, higher deductibles, narrower networks. That is real stuff," he said. “All the other stuff, that is theoretical stuff."

The question is, do Americans engage in what is important to their lives anymore, or depend on the Obama-adoring media to fill them in?

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