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Charter schools in Georgia

Charter schools versus Public schools
Charter schools versus Public schools

Charter schools are becoming more and more popular as an alternative for many students. Parents who can’t afford private school are looking for options. There are different types of Charter schools and they vary in type and focus in Georgia. In Georgia there are five distinct types of schools that are authorized by Georgia law. A charter school receives public funding but operates independently. Charter schools are an example of alternative education. It has been voiced that charter schools are the new breed of public schools. Students and parents, who can not afford the hight tuition of private school need an alternative to their child’s education.

Independent Charter Schools:

  • Startup Charter Schools are locally and created through a petition by parents, teachers, community members, non-profit organizations or local entities
  • State Chartered Special Schools are approved by the state or by the Georgia Charter Schools Commission.

Dependent Charter Schools:

  • Conversion Charter Schools are traditional public schools that decide to opt and become charters. These schools are authorized by the local school district and the State Board of Education.
  • Charter Systems Schools are local school systems operating under the terms of a charter in order to have more flexibility in meeting the needs of the students enrolled. The State Board of Education authorizes this type of charter school.
  • Career Academics are charter schools that operate in conjunction with a college or technical institute. They are in a partnership with the community stakeholders and the local school district. Some career academic charter schools operate as independent charter schools.
  • Charter schools in Atlanta Public Schools:

Parents must be knowledgeable of the different types of charter schools. Each type of school has a different focus on meeting the needs of students as well as funding. All are designed as an alternative to public schools for students, who need a different kind of education approach to learning. Parents must do their homework in deciding if a charter school is right for their child. Children first.

“The purpose of learning is growth, and our minds, unlike our bodies, can continue growing as we continue to live.” -Mortimer Adler


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