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Charter schools in Atlanta Public Schools

Throughout the country Charter schools are surfacing in many education systems and districts as an alternative to traditional education. In 1990 the state legislatures passed charter law. The question is how these schools operate in the best interest of student learning. The research shows that Charter schools are in the middle of private and public schools.

Alternative Education
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Many parents can’t afford to send their children to private schools. So, these parents are forced to decide on Charter schools or public schools. Where are we on the voucher system in Georgia to send our children to private schools? Private schools don’t want to meet the challenges of dealing with students with difficulties. Any group can submit an application for and get approval for a charter to run and operate their own school.

If Atlanta Public Schools, move to Charter schools, what can parents and the community expect. Charter schools receives public funding, but operate independently. Charter schools fall under the umbrella of alternative education. Many students, do better in Charter schools. Parents need to do their research and homework regarding Charter schools.

Why are Charter schools so popular? Here are some comments from parents and research, where students attend Charter schools:

Charter schools operate independently.

Not all Charter schools are better than public schools. Charter schools are public schools. The funding is the same as public schools. It depends on the Charter school and the support they receive.

Charter schools choose their students they want to attend the school, like private schools.

Charter schools choose students that test high, they have good grades and most importantly, there are no behavior issues.

Public schools teachers are dealing with discipline issues daily.

Charter schools have more freedom to develop a no one size fit all program for each student.

Charter schools have more flexibility with curriculum and instruction to meet the needs of students.

Charter schools are not under the same state testing as public schools, they can design their programs to meet the needs of each student.

Charter schools are a good alternative for parents and students, who can’t afford the private school tuition.

Parents need options for their children regarding education. One size does not fit all. Charter schools can do a better job of tailoring an educational plan for each student. With the selection process, the focus is on education and not dealing with all the issues that public schools must address daily. Charter schools can have a very positive impact on student learning and success. Children first.


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