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Charmcity Skatepark team at Camp Woodward for the Shop of Ages contest 2013

Right outside State College, Pennsylvania tucked away in the high elevation of a few beautiful mountains stands the world famous Camp Woodward. Woodward got it's start as a gymnastics camp (which is still offered at the camp) has morphed into one of the biggest and best skateparks in the world. Hundreds of pros and thousands of kids make the annual pilgrimage to this mega plex of skateboarding to ride everything from the infamous foam pit to the mini mega and everything else you can think of. Camp Woodward is an amazing experience that every skateboarder needs to partake in at least once during their lifetime.

Charmcity Skatepark crew hamming it up at Camp Woodward's digital media center during the Shop of Ages contest!
Charmcity Skatepark crew hamming it up at Camp Woodward's digital media center during the Shop of Ages contest!
Photos by Jason Chapman and Joshua Zucker
The road to Camp Woodward.
Photo by Joe Broccolo

During the 2013 winter off season the Charmcity Skatepark team riders got their chance to experience Woodward and all her wonders. The Baltimore based team was invited up to participate in the Camp Woodward Shop of Ages contest. Woodward and DELUXE Distribution invited a few select shops/parks to attend camp Woodward for a weekend, film an edit to be judged by the contest's sponsors DELUXE Distribution and the Camp Woodward video staff. The shops were broken up into several weekends, while the Charmcity crew were there Kadian Maxwell and Tyrone Henderson were voted weekend MVP's by the Woodward staff!

This contest was a refreshing change. It's not everyday you get the keys to the candy store handed to you. One of the world's largest facilities empty and open just for you to skate anything you want. The only catch is film everything and make sure your editing is good too. Everything counts in this contest editing and the skating. Very clever concept.

This clip is Charmcity Skatepark's official entry for the Shop of Ages Contest. It stars Charmcity team riders Bart Tararuj, Kevin Scott, Derek Krasauskas, Rodney Jones, Kevin Scott, Sean Emery, Kadian Maxwell and Tyrone Henderson! Music By McRad and Robbie Wagner! Video was filmed by Jason Chapman, Cody Seekford and Joe Broccolo. - Jason Chapman The Skateboarding Examiner

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