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Charm City Run Running Clinic



Charm City Run Bel Air store located at 120 S. Main Street will be hosting a running clinic this Saturday from 9:00am to 12:00pm. Members of the Charm City Run Team as well professionals in nutrition and injury prevention will be on hand for this clinic. 

Overall the clinic will cover the following:

Biomechanical evaluations including gait analysis, video gait analysis and fitting of insoles or orthodics.

Injury prevention including proper warm-up and stretching routines, active recovery techniques and advice on how to treat common running injuries and ailments.

Nutrition and wellness will cover topics like balanced food categories, the “Runners Diet”, high energy foods and good vs. bad carbs and proteins.

The price for this great running clinic is only $15.00. There are only 15 available time slots at 15 minutes per so don’t delay in sending Caroline Adolph an email at If she doesn’t get back to you with a time slot that means it is full already. If there is a lot of interest this time around they will have more available time slots in the future. If you purchase a pair of shoes or any regularly-priced apparel for $100 or more the $15 fee will be waived. Even you won’t be able to attend this weekend please send an email anyway expressing your interest in the running clinic.