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Charm City Beer Wars brings out the big guns of Maryland brewing

Flag of the United Breweries of Maryland
Flag of the United Breweries of Maryland
Mark Burlet

If you haven't noticed by now, I'm not sure where your head has been... and you definitely haven't been reading my (humorous, enlightening, Pulitzer-worthy) scribblings. Even the casual bar-goer has probably figured out that the brewing scene here in Maryland just keeps getting bigger and better. Still, I won't hold it against you if you haven't tried ALL of the great beers being produced right here in the Free State. The numbers can be quite overwhelming. And with so many limited edition and collaboration brews, and a significant expansion in the number of seasonals, it's easy to forget about the good, solid beer being sold year round by the mad scientists who keep us from staying thirsty.

That said, there's always another chance for you to redeem yourself and get your hands (and mouth) on some of the finest local suds. Well, there are many ways, actually. You could go to your nearest liquor store that carries craft beer (Well's, Beltway, Wine Source, Dawson's, etc.) and pick up some bottles. Or you could stop in at one of our fine beer bars (Max's, Mahaffey's, Alewife, Frisco, Racer's, and more) and taste them on draught. And you can even make the pilgrimage to the source and visit our growing roster of brewpubs (Brewer's Art, Pratt St Ale House, Brewer's Alley) to try the beer at its freshest!

However, it's pretty difficult to find all that goodness in one place. So occasionally, we feel the need to attend large outdoor parties or brewfests to gain access to as many of these as possible. And sometimes certain events just sneak up on you and offer an interesting way to figure out just how talented these brewers are...

Enter the 1st Annual Charm City Beer Wars! Hosted at Mother's Federal Hill Grille on April 22nd, the Beer Wars will feature just about all of the biggest names in the Maryland brewing scene. And you (the voting public) get to choose your favorite of the bunch! For only $30, you are invited taste as many samples as you like from the brewers listed below, then submit your ballot (1 per person) for the best brewer in the state! Pretty sweet deal if you ask me...

Now, personally, I'm not into choosing favorites. Maybe it's the Libra in me, but I do enjoy all good beer and don't necessarily know how I could pick just one brewer out of this group. But a little friendly competition is always fun... especially if it gets me closer to all that fantastic Maryland beer! And if it helps expose the quality of the local product to a new audience, then everybody wins... even the breweries that don't take home the gold medal!

So join me at Mother's on Sunday, April 22nd from 1-6pm for a phenomenal display of brewing prowess. But get your tickets here soon... before it sells out and you're forced to travel all over the state collecting bottles to have your own taste-test at home!

The horror... the horror...

Drink well!

Mark Burlet

Drunken Intellectual

Twitter: @DrunkIntellect

Participating Brewers:


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