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Charlottesville area farms offer destination travel, scenic beauty and produce

World weary and longing for the good old days? Charlottesville area farms and orchards offer agricultural destination travels, scenic beauty and good-for-you, fresh, local produce.

With vistas like these, who does not want to pluck fresh fruit from the vine at Seamans Orchard in Loveland, just outside Charlottesville?
Pamela Perkins Donnelly

Charlottesville is located in the Central Virginia region but sits just off the base of the Blue Ridge Parkway, mere minutes from the rich farming fields of the Shenandoah Valley. There's a lot of "good old days" living happening in, around, and near Charlottesville.

Perhaps it is time to refresh and re-engage with the agrarian way of life the silently, behind-the-scenes feeds us all?

When did you last pick fruit directly off the vine, limb or bush? Were there mountain vistas all around? When did you last see a goat, cow, chicken or pig? What about your children, or your grandchildren? Perhaps it is time to refresh and re-engage with the agrarian way of life the silently, behind-the-scenes feeds us all?

In this modern-day world, the pace is fast and lifestyles are far-removed from those seemingly simpler, good old days. Find your balance by getting off that hamster-wheel for just a bit of time by getting out and breathing in the fresh air of the agriculturally rich Central Virginia region. All it takes is an easy road trip to Charlottesville.

If you don’t want to pick-your-own, or are pushed for time, but still long for some fresh produce, then check out these “fast food” local and healthy Farmers Markets and fruit stands, stocked with pre-picked-ready-for-purchase vegetable and fruit options.

Cider and wine are two other famous agricultural products of the Charlottesville region that deserve exploration. Any day of the year is a great time to plan a visit to Charlottesville. Why not plan your next visit now?

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