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Charlotte Yogis: Some like it Hot

So, you love yoga and you love to sweat it out in the sauna.  With hot yoga, you can combine those two passions into one power packed 90 minute workout.  The theory of hot yoga was birthed by Bikram Choudhury, a renowned Hatha Yoga Master who developed Bikram Yoga over 30 years ago. Today, Bikram yoga classes are taught by certified yoga instructors who have studied and become proficient in Bikram methodology and practices.

Hot yoga: Get your sweat on

According to Bikram practitioners, not only is the heat in a hot yoga environment challenging to your psyche and willpower but it is extremely beneficial to your physical and metabolic responses.  The heat allows for greater range of motion of your ligaments, muscles and supportive structures of the body.  Your metabolism speeds up and your cardiovascular system gets a thorough workout.  Sweating promotes detoxification and eliminates potential toxins through your skin, think facial for your whole body. 

Sloan Rachmuth, a certified yoga instructor as well as a regular participant at Yoga One located near uptown Charlotte, offers her take on hot yoga "I love hot yoga because it strengthens your muscles, increases your flexibility and decreases your stress all in one ninety minute workout."    Kara S. (see picture) a UNCW student who practices yoga 5 days a week says,  "hot yoga is a refreshing way to bring my day to a close while revving-up my metabolism at the same time."

The elevation of room temperature and in turn body temperature, is not suitable for everyone.  As with all physical activity, it is important to consult your physician before participating in any new forms of exercise.  If you are new to yoga, you should seek out a beginning yoga class that is conducted in normal room temperature conditions and slowly graduate to hot yoga practice. 

Charlotte has private yoga studios located throughout the city as well as classes that are offered daily through the YMCA's and other fitness facilities. Yoga One, located on Central Blvd., has a variety of yoga classes offered all hours of the day and is currently offering unlimited classes for one month for $39.00.  You can learn more about class times, hours of operation and fees at


  • Kara 5 years ago

    Thanks for using my quote :). I must also add to this wondeful article by giving a little warning to those not used to hot yoga. Your muscles will become noticably more limber during your practice, BUT make sure not to push past your normal threshold too quickly. If you push your muscles to stretch to far to quickly then you can cause injuries and even weaken your muscles. Hot yoga is a continued practice, the more you take the further your body will stretch.

  • Kara 5 years ago

    Quick apology for my mispellings. I am writting this on an iPhone in bed without my glasses.

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