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Charlotte, the sad eyes of an unwanted shelter dog


Update 8/27/14: Charlotte has been adopted!!

For months, Charlotte has been calling a lonely, animal control kennel run "home." Though efforts have been made to secure a loving home for this forgotten beauty, nothing, as of yet, has materialized.

Charlotte came to the the Hempstead Animal Shelter in Long Island, N.Y., in January as a stray - since that time, despite being featured in a National Dog News article, being promoted on a large, New York-based Facebook page, and photographed by a professional, she remains unwanted.

A volunteer wrote the following words about the timid young dog with the extraordinarily sad eyes:

"Each time I put her back in her cage my heart breaks...and I pray for someone to give her the life she deserves..."

She arrived in January 2014, a stray with no history- yet her eyes spoke her story, and it was clear life was not Charlotte.

A dog that has endured heartbreak, she may have been hit in the past, no one knows- but one thing is painfully clear- Charlotte yearns to trust again- and she be loved.

Charlotte's Petango profile for the facility further notes her sad past, and the need for her to make her way out of the kennel environment and into a home. The profile for Charlotte reads, in part:

When she arrived at the shelter she had hair loss, scars and fly bites all over her body. The vet staff has brought her up to date on all her vaccinations and treated all of her wounds. Charlotte clearly displays behavior that would indicate that she has been hit in the past.

She is extremely overwhelmed by the noise and activity at the shelter and desperately needs to be in a quiet adult home.

Charlotte allowed our staff to handle her all over and she readily shared her toys and food. Charlotte deserves to know the loving touch of a human hand and the warmth and kindness of a human heart.

Please take a moment to network on Charlotte's behalf - she has waited long enough to learn what it means to be a treasured companion.


  • Petango profile for Charlotte here
  • Facebook thread for Charlotte here
  • Identification: Charlotte, CC#3598
  • Email contact: or call 516-785-5220, extension 4628

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