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Charlotte's WBTV airs mass hypnosis stunt by Dr Oz and Paul McKenna

WBTV, Charlotte's home for the Dr Oz show, aired a program in which Paul McKenna, a British hypnotist, NLP practitioner, and author gave a demonstration of the use of hypnotism in achieving weight loss. The video is of a preshow interview in which Dr Oz dismisses any concerns over possible negative consequences of mass hypnosis.

Dr. Oz begins at 1:10 of the video talking about losing weight as a weigh to prevent cancer. OK who wants cancer? We’re scared. Tell us Dr Oz, what can we do?

At 1:50, Dr Oz proudly announces that with Paul McKenna, he will hypnotize America! At around 2:20, after the hosts begin to question him, Dr Oz reveals that what he is about to do is illegal in some countries. At 2:29, he says that hypnotism doesn’t work on everyone — something that Neuro Linguistic Programmers like McKenna may take issue with.

Paul McKenna's academic qualifications have been called into question in the past. Given the dangers possible when one enters a trance state: the possibility of demonic attack, should we not question the academic and professional qualifications of the practitioner? We are not questioning the man’s integrity or his honesty.

But where is the wisdom in trying to induce a trance state in possibly millions of viewers at home? Unsuspecting and trusting people alone, at home: unaware that this “parlor trick” may leave them vulnerable to attack by demonic forces.


  • Profile picture of Justin Edwards
    Justin Edwards 4 years ago

    Thanks for exposing this, Allen. It's par for the course for Dr. Oz, who has partnered with Rick Warren and his New Age "Daniel Plan". I covered this a couple weeks ago here:

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Actually he says at 2:30 that you can't force someone to do something they do not want to do. If you smoke and you don't want to stop smoking, then you will undoubtedly not have success with hypnosis. Hypnosis only gives the suggestive thought to the person, they have to want to do it or not object to it in order for it to work. You cannot hypnotize someone to rob a bank for you in other words.

    But I find it rather amusing that this is the best that you people have to complain about these days. Interesting....never mind that people are actually making progress with it , or losing their weight at lets gripe about hte fact that Dr. Oz is having a show on hypnosis and Oooohhh...all the possible horror stories that could come from it. Let's see how many lawsuits these posts like this can possibly stir up amongst the rest the nation that is uneducated on the way it works. I think it is ridiculous really......

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