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Charlotte's Fantastic Fit senior citizen of the week: Vivian Bowman

Vivian stretches in her weekly Yoga session
Vivian stretches in her weekly Yoga session

Vivian Bowman just celebrated her 85th birthday last month.  However, spend five minutes with her and you realize very quickly that she is more active and vibrant in her daily life than many people 20 to 30 years her junior.  Another one of Charlotte's inspirational senior citizens, Vivian is a great example of living life to the fullest and not letting adversity weaken your spirit.  A little over two years ago, Vivian suffered a stroke.  At the time she was participating in weekly exercise including private home yoga sessions with her teacher, Yvonne Brown.  Because of her fit lifestyle, she was able to get back on her feet  and back to her normal activities with barely skipping a beat.

Today you can find Vivian at the YMCA participating in water aerobics a few times a week, working 3 days a week at her family owned insurance company, and planting flowers in her beautiful garden. As far as the stroke goes, the only thing that bothers her anymore is a little issue with imbalance.  This is where Yvonne, Vivian's in home yoga teacher steps in to help her improve her core strength, stability and flexibility.  Yvonne, a full time yoga teacher,  specializes in yoga for people who have limitations such as joint replacements or those who are undergoing cancer treatment.  In addition to her in-home clients, Yvonne teaches yoga at Presbyterian Cancer Rehab and Wellness, the Dowd YMCA, Charlotte Yoga Club and the 8th Street Studio.

As if Vivian's amazing vitality and zest for life isn't impressive enough, just after finishing her private yoga session, she points out one of her other passions.  Displayed on the table behind her is an exquisite basket of her own creation. Basket making, she says, is what she does for fun.  Beyond the basket weaving, her greatest passion is saved for her children, grandchildren, and two great grand children.

At any age, yoga is a wonderful way to strengthen your body and add vitality to your life.  Water aerobics is an effective and enjoyable  way to improve your cardiovascular fitness without impacting your joints.  To learn more about water aerobics in Charlotte click on the following link   If you would like more information on Yvonne's Yoga classes, group or private, go to her website