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Charlotte preschools: Enroll now to prepare for kindergarten

Now is the time to enroll your young child in a preschool program to prepare your child for kindergarten. If your child has already attended preschool or has never attended preschool and did not make the kindergarten cut off age, then a transition to kindergarten class will be right for your young child.
A preschool class or transition to kindergarten class prepares young children for kindergarten socially, emotionally, and physically by enabling them to spend quality time with peers their age and fostering in them the independence they need to survive in kindergarten.
A high quality preschool will help a young child to develop gross motor and fine motor skills by providing outside play, including climbing obstacles, and inside activities, such as art, writing, and turning the pages of a book.
Social skills are developed in young children when they are given the opportunity to interact with peers their age. Preschoolers are able to see on their level the perspectives of others around them. They can begin to see the feelings of the children around them and learn to identify those feelings and how to appropriately respond to them.
Preschool teachers are professionals. They have a minimum of Childcare Credentials. Many have college degrees in the field of early childhood education or birth through kindergarten. Preschool teachers are qualified to implement individualized education plans for preschoolers.
Preschool teachers foster in young children a sense of independence, teaching them to be responsible for their personal items and to respect the personal items and feelings of their peers. Preschool students learn to clean up after themselves. They learn to show empathy for their friends.
A preschool does more than just teach children how to do art, write their names, and count. It prepares young children for kindergarten by teaching them to think logically, solve problems, and to use language skills to accomplish goals.
To find a preschool program or transition to kindergarten program near you, click here.

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