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Charlotte-Mecklenburg will soon have a nurse at each school

Each Charlotte-Mecklenburg school will now have a nurse on location.
Facebook/NC Parents Advocating for School Health

Residents of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area who have been working to have a nurse at each school location now know this has been approved.

According to information that was shared by, Charlotte-Mecklenburg school parents have been working for two years to get a nurse in each school in the county.

The approval for a nurse in each school will add 33 more nurses, which means a total of 161 nurses, one nurse for each Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools.

A group founded by Teri Sauer, N.C. Parents Advocating for School Health who stated she is impressed with the support this idea has received.

Sauer got involved because she has a child with food allergies and a history of seizures, according to Most parents involved feel a nurse is needed in everyone of the 161 schools in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area.

Those interested in learning more about N.C. Parents Advocating for School Health, sometimes referred to as NCPASH, may want to view the Facebook page for this group to view more details.

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