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Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer charged after violating peeping statute

A Charlotte, North Carolina police officer was arrested Wednesday after violating the peeping statute, The Charlotte Observer reported February 19.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Officer Thomas E. Allen has been charged with four counts of secretly using a photographic imaging device and four counts of possessing photographic images.

Allen is accused of peeping on juvenile girls and photographing parts of their underwear as they participated in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department High School Academy events held in 2011 and 2013.

An investigation began last October, where it was discovered Allen took pictures of the girls without their knowledge that showed their underwear. The girls were dressed at the time, and were working out. At no time was Allen alone with the girls.

As soon as the department learned of the officer's behavior he was removed from the workplace.

Police spokesman Robert Tufano said eleven full time detectives were assigned to the case, where Allen's home and work computers were checked for pornographic photos. Using forensic technology, no evidence of any pornography material has been discovered.

The detectives are interviewing around 700 people who participated in youth programs Allen was involved with. Allen had been with the department since 1996. He has been recommended for dismissal.

Anyone with evidence against Allen is asked to call 704-619-4931.

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