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Charlotte mayor resigns amid federal corruption charges

In wake of the startling news of Charlotte, NC’s mayor, Patrick Cannon, being arrested on federal fraud charges, Charlotte residents are reacting in anger and disappointment.

In addition, Mr. Cannon almost immediately resigned from his position as Charlotte’s mayor after a day of allegations of fraud and bribery. He was presented in court and given a $25,000 bond.

Mr. Cannon allegedly received over $48,000 in cash and gifts from undercover FBI agents who were playing the part of development investors. According to the criminal complaint, he also accepted the cash in person on five different occasions. In January, 2013, when the undercover operation began, Patrick Cannon received $12,500 for his participation in launching a feminine product called “HERS”. The undercover agent then gave him three different chances to return the money afterward and two of those times, Cannon never showed to the meeting.

Mr. Cannon also participated in schemes to bring “foreign investors” to Charlotte which required him to lie and provide “connections in the White House”.

The former mayor is now facing jail time of 20 years or more.

Patrick Cannon is married with three children. There has not been a formal statement from his family and the only words heard directly from him is from his resignation letter which stated “charges will create too much of a distraction for the business of the city to go forward.”

Charlottean’s are expressing their intolerance to the news of the new mayor’s behavior. Governor McCrory responded that “this alleged behavior is inexcusable and cannot be tolerated” but stated he was saddened for Cannon’s family whom he has known for almost three decades.

Facebook is being bombarded up with resident’s comments on how expressly hurt and thwarted by the embarrassing blow to Charlotte.

“This case is buttoned, zipped, sealed, and iron-clad. He screwed himself 600 ways from Sunday and it's ALL documented,” said one Charlotte resident on WSOC’s Facebook page.

“I am so disappointed in Patrick D. Cannon. As I become more aware of the alleged story, he showed signs of complete stupidity,” another Charlotte resident stated under the hash tag heading “patrickcannon”.

Charlottean’s are continuing to stay attentive to the scandal that started to unravel in their city on Wednesday, all awaiting for the next move and a statement from their former, now questionable mayor.
The charges are coming at inopportune time for Charlotte with the many developmental and transportation projects that Cannon was supposed to usher for the city. The Charlotte Observer reported that Charlotte criminal attorney James Ferguson will be his attorney representing Mr. Cannon in this serious matter.
In regards to a new mayor, Charlotte’s city council will appoint a new mayor to serve until a month after the November, 2015 elections.

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