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Charlotte mayor Patrick Cannon's resignation letter

Mayor Patrick Cannon resigned today amid corruption investigation.
Mayor Patrick Cannon resigned today amid corruption investigation.
NBC Charlotte

News of trouble in the Charlotte mayoral office hit fast and furious on Wednesday, March 26, 2014. Local news outlets, including NBC Charlotte, WBTV, and WCNC, reported that newly elected Charlotte mayor Patrick Cannon was arrested today amid charges of corruption. The allegations stem from a four-year FBI investigation into claims of bribery and other political misdeeds.

Before the day was over, Cannon resigned from office. The resignation, posted by NBC Charlotte on Facebook, can be seen in the photo linked to this article. Cannon is married with two children. The documents supporting Cannon's indictment, which appeared in the Charlotte Observer, included details of a sting involving paid trips, cash given to Cannon's wife, Trenna, and interesting business deals involving a feminine hygiene product called HERS.

The news has left the city in shock, and undoubtedly caused turmoil with Cannon's family. Cannon is reportedly facing upwards of 20 years in prison.

Impact on the Cannon family

When one spouse is in trouble, it will weigh heavily on the family. Stress felt by one family member typically impacts the stress levels of all family members, especially a family as close as the Cannons appear. The Cannons have been married since 1996 and are both graduates of North Carolina A&T State University. Cannon's wife, a real estate agent, was named in the indictment as a recipient of ill-gotten funds. The Cannons have a daughter and son, whom they have raised in a tightly run household.

Several years ago, when he served as Mayor Pro Tem under current US Secretary of Transportation, Anthony Foxx, Cannon gave an interview and parenting tip to Charlotte Parent magazine that speaks volumes to his family's current situation:

Find a way to strike the balance of allowing your children to be exposed to different things and people, but not over exposed. A sheltered child can experience a rude awakening to the real world, and an overly exposed child can grow up too fast. It can be very hard to strike the balance, but it is so important as parents that we try.

It will be most difficult for the Cannons to shelter their children from what has now become national news. In order to bring back balance to their family's foundation, the husband and wife should continue to stand firm as a team. Seeking guidance from a professional who has worked with families in crisis could help them in their efforts to maintain some normalcy for their children.

Trenna Cannon is facing the possibility of raising her children without her husband's presence. The anxiety of that alone could have a tremendously heavy impact on her as a woman who has always had a partner in parental duties. Many wives of politicians have sharpened their resolve through tough election battles and public scrutiny, those life experiences will be most beneficial in this situation.

All families tend to face a myriad of troubles no matter public or private, but those troubles do not mean a family has to crumble. Though dealing with this matter publicly, the Cannon family should seek private help in order to withstand what is guaranteed to be a harrowing road ahead.

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