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Charlotte mayor arrested on federal charges

Charlotte mayor arrested for bribery

Charlotte's newly elected mayor, Patrick Cannon, was arrested Wednesday on federal charges stemming from fraud to bribery, according to Charlotte's Channel 9 News.

According to the criminal complaint, multiple search warrants were issued to search his home, mayoral offices and E-Z Parking, Inc. here in Charlotte. The complaint also alleges Mayor Cannon accepted high priced gifts and monetary packages in exchange for his mayoral duties while mayor and mayor pro tem in addition to city council obligations.

Mayor Cannon became a target for an investigation after a tip was received from local law enforcement after said officer was involved in a separate undercover operation and learned certain information that the FBI would find useful pertaining to questionable activities..

Starting approximately January of 2013, an undercover operation targeting Mayor Cannon proved he accepted monetary and gift bribes from a commercial real estate company looking to bring business to Charlotte. The cash payments and gifts were produced by undercover FBI agents that directly encountered Mayor Cannon during the operation.

It is unclear if Mayor Cannon will be able to continue as mayor or if a mayor pro tem will have to be picked.

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