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Charlotte hospitals restrict child visitors


Carolinas HealthCare System has announced a change in visitation guidelines effective October 1 for all CHS-affiliated hospitals in the greater Charlotte area.

According the a press release from the health care system, the new policy restricts individuals under 18 years of age from visiting hospitals because of heightened concerns over flu, including H1N1. Visitors under the age of 18 will not be permitted in these facilities unless they are patients seeking medical care, except in extreme circumstances.

This policy includes maternity areas as pregnant women and newborns are most  susceptible to germs.  Additionally, Dr. Roger Ray, Chief Medical Officer, said children are often contagious before they exhibit symptoms. Dr. Ray said the change will remain in effect until the incidence of flu has significantly decreased, and the policy would be re-evaluated on an ongoing basis.

The healthcare system's web site lists its locations and more details of the new policy. Check with your local office or hospital before taking your children to visit a loved one.