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Charlotte homeless issue addressed by suggestion of bench removal and more

Will Charlotte remove public benches to stop homeless?
Will Charlotte remove public benches to stop homeless?
Pat Anthony/Charlotte Healthy Living Examiner

The homeless in Charlotte are homeless in most cases because there is no choice to be otherwise and would no doubt prefer to sleep somewhere other than on the benches that might soon be removed.

While most communities have a problem with homeless people not being able to find proper housing or employment, and the homeless using community benches as their place to sleep, Charlotte is now addressing new ways to deal with this group of people.

Readers, please share your thoughts on how the homeless can be helped in Charlotte and other areas of the country. The number of those homeless continues to increase and includes families as well as single parents with children.

Most in Charlotte might be against the plan to remove benches that are used by some of the homeless at night because another place to sleep was not found.

Center City Partners CEO Michael Smith is credited with the following statement from the Charlotte Observer:

An example of the latter, he says, involves a company that recently visited uptown while deciding whether to relocate 1,000 jobs to Charlotte. “The lead executive is a runner that gets up early in the morning and the thing he most wanted to talk to me about was the horrible problem (with the homeless) and how unsafe he felt.”

The plan to relocate the homeless includes using the help of a social worker to help the homeless get into programs that will help with employment and housing.

Most readers won't agree that moving benches will help the homeless in any manner. People without money and options are desperate for a place to sleep and easily can become part of the homeless community.

The same article in the Charlotte Observer pointed out that according to the National Law Center a growing number of communities have laws restricting living in vehicles or sleeping on public benches.

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