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Charlotte Film Festival Offers Moviegoers a Fresh Change

The 5th Annual Charlotte Film Festival Opens tomorrow September 20th. The festival features films by North Carolinian filmmakers as well as filmmakers from all over the globe. The festival promises to be a refreshing change for movie-goers in the Charlotte area craving a change from the tired big blockbuster films playing at local theaters. The films featured at the festival will be playing at the Epicenter Theater in Uptown Charlotte on Trade Street and Park Terrace Cinemas 6 located on Park Road.

The Charlotte Film Festival features a variety of films in the following categories:

CFF Feature Film: This category features films in the Narrative and Documentary form from filmmakers around the globe.


Documentary short


Narrative Short

Student Film: Film students show off what they've learned about filmmaking in this category.

Panels will decide the top films in each category and also present discussion on some issues in filmmaking. All of the events can be found at the Charlotte Film Festival Website.
Tickets are available online at the official Charlotte Film Festival Website and venues where the films are being shown. It is advised that moviegoers buy tickets in advance and arrive early.

Below are some films from each category that look intriguing and fresh.

CFF Feature:

Barry Munday: A man wakes up in the hospital after being attacked in a movie theater. He is missing his testicles.
               Strange, but who doesn't love a good, waking up and missing the family jewels kind of story?

Cleanflix: Utah film retailers attempt to sensor films of sex, violence and other controversial material and attract Hollywood's attention.
                 Ah, nothing like a good controversy.

Dogtooth: A dark comedy about three teenagers confined in a country estate and kept sheltered by their family.
               Sheltered teenagers, country estate, comedy...nothing more needs be said.

Holy Rollers: A film inspired by actual events. Twenty years ago Hasidic Jews were once recruited to be drug mules. This film features Jesse Eisenberg who will star as Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network.

Documentary Feature:

The Mountain Music Project: A Musical Odyssey from Appalachia to Himalaya: Follows two Virginian musicians who explore the connection between Appalachian and Himalayan folk music

Documentary Short:

Saving Leib House: The journey of two renowned architects who try to save and iconic pop art creation in New York City.

Narrative Feature:

A stranger visits a family at a Minnesota log cabin leaving the family with an uncomfortable presence.

Ivory: Two classically trained pianists struggle with rivalry and personal issues as they prepare for the biggest competition of their careers.

Narrative Short:

I Want to Spend the Rest of My Life With You: A story about a woman who gets out of her car in traffic after glancing at the man in the car next to her and confesses she wants to be with him forever.

Flat Love: Convinced the world is flat a man falls in love with a two-dimensional woman the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Banana Bread: A Jewish mother worries about her son, although it may be warranted.

Black Rose: A girl is being haunted, although the encounters may be saving her life.
Student Film:

Martha: A young girl wonders if it is possible that she is not actually related to her most embarrassing parents.

Cuba 1961: A Love Story: A poet's story of betrayal, his separation from his wife and how he confronts his prosecutors.

For a more detailed look at the films being shown at the Charlotte Film Festival please visit the official website.


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